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Public Relations can be an effective tool in conveying a message, creating brand awareness or controlling negative publicity – as long as the right agency is managing the project. With more than 15 years experience MWPR, Inc. is that agency. Within our key specialty services – Sports and Faith-based PR, Diversity Marketing, Media Relations, Community Outreach, Special Events and Crisis/Reputation Management - we outline a strategic plan that is customized to meet the needs of the client.  

Crisis/Reputation Management
Be proactive...not reactive.

MWPR, Inc. believes in being proactive rather than reactive. Media and consumer research, with on-going media counsel, can be made available long before a crisis occurs. Working directly with the client, we develop a tailor-made Crisis/Reputation Management plan that includes media training and message development for key spokespersons and delivered throughout targeted outlets is created.

Media Relations
It is essential to create and identify free media opportunities wherever and whenever possible.

MWPR, Inc. believes that effective media relations begins with establishing and maintaining relationships within all media. With the development of creative press releases, radio, TV and print PSAs, crafty messaging and aggressive pitching – your product, event or brand initiative will successfully reach your target audience. Locally, regionally, and nationally, MWPR, Inc. has strategically placed consultants and partners ready to get you the media coverage you want; placed where you want it.

Community Relations
Giving back to those who support you.

Also known as Social Responsibility, community outreach is a way for corporations to give back to local communities and area organizations where they have a presence. MWPR, Inc. creates these opportunities where corporations and community organizations come together to foster unique partnerships and initiatives that reflect common goals and create tangible results.


Diversity Marketing
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all approach to creating consumer awareness, trust and loyalty in today’s ethnically and socially diverse society.

MWPR, Inc. understands the importance of specialty marketing. MWPR, Inc. has the ability to create marketing and communications strategies that speak specifically to any target audience. MWPR, Inc. partners with individuals and organizations that will directly connect the client’s specific needs to a particular audience.


Special Events
Brand presence is essential in gaining and sustaining awareness and loyalty.

MWPR, Inc. has formulated partnership opportunities where a client has either owned the event or had a strong brand presence. Having successfully managed all facets of many special events and sporting activities, MWPR, Inc. pulls together the appropriate team of vendors and consultants to manage the nuts & bolts of any size event.

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